History of the hotel

Nuestra Historia
Hotel Alhambra was opened on the 29th of December 1980 by Rosa Diaz, who came to the seaside town of Punta del Este from Riachuelo in Uruguay, in the 40s. After managing other properties in Punta del Este, she decided to build a new hotel, The Alhambra, which was one of the most luxurious properties of its time.

Doña Rosa, as she was known in Punta del Este, was highly respected by her colleagues and well-known within the community, and was one of the founders of the “Centro de hoteles de Punta del Este”(the oldest association of hotels and restaurants in Punta del Este).

Rosa Pilar Santos , her daughter, also well known in the industry for running with her husband , Eladio Santiago, el hotel Principe, has passed the baton to her daughters, Isabel and Pilar, for maintaining the legacy of customer service and attention that has endured from generation to generation for over 40 years.

Many customers have stayed at our hotel over the years. We are proud to have been part of their lives and are confident we can continue to meet their expectations.